It all began one early evening in Cleveland, Ohio when Katie didn’t have anything for Show and Tell. She was distraught. She tore apart her room looking for a toy or trinket that would most certainly show her 1st grade class that she was destined to be the cool kid on the playground. “There must be something,” she thought “something that will leave them with their jaws hanging on the floor.” When Katie’s mom entered her room to put her to bed, a lightbulb went off. “Mom! What if I sing ‘The Little Mermaid Song’ for Show-and-Tell tomorrow?!” Fearing that her daughter might horribly embarrass herself, Mrs. Whetsell gently asked her daughter to sing it for her first and that they would decide together.

“…Out of the sea…
Wish I could be…
Part of that world.”

Mrs. Whetsell turned white as a sheet and went to wake up Mr. Whetsell to have Katie sing it for him. And from that moment on, life as Katie knew it would begin a course that would continue until this very day...


I’m happy to say that this journey is still a current affair. I spent a good portion of my childhood participating in different community theater projects around the Cleveland area where I met other kids my age that were doing the same things, with parents who looked out for all of us. I’m proud that I had a regular childhood in a great public school where I participated in Marching Band and Drama Club and had friends from many different walks of life. It was a good balance for me and has, no doubt, taught me how to be objective in my view of this business.

I’ll never forget the moment that I decided that theater had to be my life. I was cast in a joint production of Bye Bye Birdie with Rue McClanahan for Cleveland’s Playhouse Square and Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera. I was a Sophomore in high school at the time and some of my other classmates were cast with me. We stepped out onto the stage for the first time in “The Telephone Hour” and the surge of excitement for what we were doing was both electric and intoxicating. Seeing the faces of the audience glow and dance with enjoyment cemented in me that there was nothing else I would rather do with my life than make people laugh or sweep them away from their cares through theater.

I later graduated from Otterbein University with some of my best friends and a degree from a school that I’m proud of. As with any job, there are things that I will never get tired of about this line of work and there are things that I think could be done better or differently. But as of this moment, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve lived a lot of my dreams on stage and performed on world-wide iconic stages: if you’re looking for more information in that realm, feel free to visit my resumé page. 

 I hope you enjoy what you discover here. But more than anything, I hope you discover a real, quirky, and most importantly- loving human. That’s my goal over any professional one. To be a great human, not just a great performer. 

Thank you for stopping by! If we’ve never met before, please shoot me a message and introduce yourself.